I have always wanted to venture out a little bit more around the UK and Camber Sands really caught my eye. Camber sands is close to Rye in East Sussex and under 2.5 hours by train from London to Rye. So PERFECT for a quick get away for the weekend.

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We stayed at a really nice boutique hotel called The Gallivant Hotel which is located right by the beach.

So we took the train straight to Rye which is the cutest little town. Cobbled streets, cottage like houses and unique and one of a kind shops and coffee shops.

I got to say the weather was far from desirable but at least the next day the sun came out and made all the difference. We walked all the way from Rye to the hotel which I think is like 3 miles. We walked through open fields, saw sheep and baby lambs and even collected some shells along the beach.


It was the nicest most tranquil walk from the town of Rye to Camber. No cars, silent and just fresh air. We also walked through fields of baby lambs which were adorable.



Being born and raised in London which is just chaos 24/7 I do have this urge to get out of the city. I like the silence and being around nature. If you like being in open spaces and being surrounded by nature you will love this walk.

Finally when we arrived to the hotel I thought it was just the cutest thing with wild flowers and wood giving it a very rustic look which suited it being by the beach.

People always say ‘There’s no beaches in the UK’. But here it is, and pretty amazing if you ask me. If only the weather was nicer this seriously could be a lot nicer then some beaches I have been to abroad.


If there is anyone looking for a peaceful get away in the UK then I was recommend Camber sands and most definitely The Gallivant Hotel.

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  1. Jen

    Great photos! There’s an old/classic feel to it. About the place, i haven’t heard of this but it looks beautiful! Surely, a must-visit

    1. Vive that Vida

      its such a lovely place! A great beach in the UK! <3

  2. Petya Miteva

    Really nice photos and I didn’t know about the place Camber sands, so now I am interested for adventures nearby. Thanks for sharing your great weekend 🙂

    1. Vive that Vida

      Not many have heard of it! Just a lovely beach I defo recommend you go!

  3. Jordan Sinclair

    Amazing! This destination looks like it’s calling my name. Your photography is wonderful. Looks like such a peaceful and tranquil place to relax and wind down. I don’t think of beaches when I think of the U.K. either but now I know what’s out there!

    1. Vive that Vida

      HAHAHA I know right! Most people dont think of beach when they think of the UK but in the end we are an island and there are many lovely beaches! Maybe just not the weather to match. lol

  4. Grace | Impulsive Adventures

    Wow, this beach reminds me so much of the Outer Banks in North Carolina! I had no idea there were sandy beaches so close to London. I was based in Cambridge this summer so I totally could have gone.

    1. Vive that Vida

      Aww what a shame! I hope you had a great time when you was in the UK!

  5. Travelling Dany

    What a cute little town! Even if the weather wasn’t the best, I bet it was still a great experience!

  6. amit

    Well I have to admit, I’m one of those people that always laughs when I get asked about beaches in England, My reply is always ‘We don’t have any” …This post have just proved me wrong. This place looks really cute and quaint, I might have to give it a visit someday 😀

    1. Vive that Vida

      Ahh you totally should!! With the right weather you wouldnt even think your in the UK! Seriously!!

  7. lexie

    Camber sands is magnificent, great photos that you have here peaceful and the sky is amazing. An ideal place to unwind. thanks for this great post. 🙂

  8. Anushka Aggarwal

    Great post, I really love the cobbled stoned path lined up those beautiful cottages which take you back in time. Weather looks totally amazing 🙂

  9. Helene

    There are definitely loads of beachy spots in the UK that are charming and perfect for a getaway:) I used to go to East Sussex because my ex-boyfriend’s family lives there. Your photos are so vibrant and capture the tranquil atmosphere really nicely:) Thanks for sharing!

  10. Lyf&Spice

    I love cobbled streets and quaint towns. You seem to have had a wonderful time. Those lambs look so adorable. <3 Cheers!!

  11. PossesstheWorld

    Looks like you had a great weekend, gorgeous country side. Love rural U.K.

  12. WhodoIdo

    I haven’t been to Camber Sands and I live in the UK haha! Love the cottages along the cobbled streets, so picturesque. Really looks like the perfect weekend to escape the hustle and bustle of London. I think I need to explore more of the UK. Fantastic pics!

  13. Shaily

    This is such a lovely place! And your amazing pictures describe that very well! Never knew such a place existed near London – So tranquil and pristine! Loved it! 🙂

  14. LaiAriel R. Samangka ( Thelittlelai: Beyond limits)

    Great scenery with a postcard like landscape. I love how you have shown the serenity of these places and the views are really breathtaking. Truly, you have spent your weekend great and amazing. I wish to visit this place soon as well.

  15. Rahat Arora

    Your photography is wonderful. Looks like such a peaceful place to explore and is truely the amazing place. The views of these places are really breathtaking.

    1. Vive that Vida

      Thank you so much! 🙂

  16. Digital Travel Guru

    I have not bee here inn over 14 years, I love in London and to too far away. Thanks for sharing some wonderful photography of the beautiful scenery. What camera did you use? Looks like you had a lovely time there. I love sea side towns and villages.

    1. Vive that Vida

      I use a canon 5d mark iii but at the time was a mark ii 🙂

  17. talin

    Wow, I’ve never even heard of Camber Sands or Rye (but I have heard of East Sussex). This is beautiful. I would looooove to visit. I’ve been to the UK 3 times but I’ve spent very little time on the country side or seaside. It’s definitely the plan for the next visit to get away from London and see more of the country like this. thanks!

    1. Vive that Vida

      There so many beautiful places to visit in the UK even though I do LOVE London. Get out there girl!!

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