Here are my favourite places that I managed to visit during my week in Bangkok. As I am gluten and dairy intolerant this post will focus on that but it will also have places with vegan options.
I must say that the street food in Bangkok was really amazing and I seriously could of lived off it and with it being super cheap it was perfect (especially for my wallet). BUT, every now and then I do like to treat myself and so here is my list of yummy places to go and eat at. Being gluten and dairy intolerant sometimes finding food that I could eat was difficult. Breakfast was especially tricky as I didn’t always want to have rice or noodles so early in the morning but with Bangkok having a great mix of places to eat for all budgets. You can find something no matter what your budget is.

Here is a list of my favourite places:

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May Veggie Home.
This place was great. It is 100% vegan with gluten free options. The food was so good and had lots of choices not to forget they also offered a range of homemade deserts and also of course the ice cream is vegan.
I had the Pho Yam which was Vietnamese Rice noodles with veg, crispy mushrooms and a sweet and sour dressing. I also treated my taste buds to the cacao and banana smoothie and for desert the GF/DF brownie with a scoop of coconut ice cream. The girl was soo cute she let me try all the ice creams and when I asked if I could get the brownie with a scoop of ice cream she added an extra scoop of Thai Tea flavour as I said I liked it for free. View their current menu here.


Not just another Cup.
Being in Bangkok or Asia in general I do miss my breakfast/ brunch with my Green juice/smoothie. So as this place was so close to my Fitness studio I did treat myself several times to a smoothie and smoothie bowl. The place is expensive also because they add an additional tax and service charge at the end. Just a smoothie and smoothie bowl would cost me 480baht (£11.70). Might not seem a lot but if you compare it to the juices you can buy close to my hostel for 25baht (60p) it’s a lot!!
BUT I would recommend you check this place out, even if you once. I also believe they only have a FB page if you wanted to get more information.


Food Hall near VM1 Hostel Hostel.
2 mins from the Hostel I was staying at there was a food hall to the left and here there are a lot of choices from curries, veggie and meat dishes with rice or noodles and also noodle soup. IF you stay at VM1 Hostel do check this place out. I ate here a lot and prices were around 40-60baht which was amazing. There is also a supermarket where you can buy water for around 12baht but the Hostel did provide you with a bottle of water for free every day.


Box Box Health Food Store.
If your looking to buy some snacks for on the go or something sweet this food store has a range of healthy foods/ snacks and also a lot of GF/DF cakes, deserts. They also sell things light dried fruit, chia seeds… Maybe if you had an apartment and had the facilities to prepare your own meals this is probably more suitable.


Tops Market/ Terminal 21 
These two places are similar in the fact that there are lot of food options inside. You go to a desk and you prepay a food card. You then go to the food station where you want to order your food and then you provide your prepaid card. These places do not deal with cash and prices are clearly stated and also pictures if you are unclear about that you want. I remember I paid 40 baht for my meal at Tops near Chong Nonsi station several times.

Places I didn’t eat BUT wanted to and would recommend:

I didn’t actually eat here BUT it looked good from the outside and a girl from the fitness studio also vouched on this place saying it was good. They offer a great mix of salads, wraps, pastas and sandwiches. For me the prices were a bit high but then again I am planning to travel for 5 months and cannot constantly be sending 500 baht on my meals.

Farm Factory
This place specialises in salads and they use organic locally sourced produced. They also do juices and smoothies. I believe there are a few of these around Bangkok so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

This place is perfect if you are looking for a treat. This place specialises in gluten free and vegan treats. Find their current menu here.

This perfect place is an organic cafe and juice bar. Great if your looking for somewhere to go for breakfast. I suppose it says it all in the name lol. They serve all day breakfast, sandwiches and also salads. You can see their menu here.

Veganerie Concept
Again it says it all in the title its vegan and I believe its also GF. I hear its quite pricey but has a good menu of Thai food and great deserts. Find out more on their website here.

Do let me know what you think of the places I have recommended. Alternatively if you have been or can recommend someone else I may have not listed. I love to discover new places to eat! You can also find my blog on my experience in Bangkok here.