The second part of my US trip was to Santa Monica!! I was so excited to get to my apartment which was just awesome on its own!  The location was perfect and I would not have stayed anywhere else… Oh yeah we also got 2 beach cruisers with the apartment. I have to say that I did spend a lot of time practicing how to ride the dam thing as it didn’t have brakes on the handles. You kind of had to back peddle to break and with my super responsive reflexes I was literally one back peddle away from catapulting myself into the air and landing in between LA traffic .

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We did spent a lot of time on the bikes (once I got the hang of it) riding to Venice along the beach and observing the many unique characters and many talented artists, performers and singers around. Check out my apartment here.

I did not hire a car but I did spend a day on a Hop on Hop Off bus which was really handy for the day. This way I got to see the major sights in LA. The Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Sign, Beverly Hills….

Eating out in LA was great with lots of choice and healthy options including many gluten and dairy free options. Places like Real Food Daily which is a vegan restaurant was conveniently located at the end of my street. Not forgetting Fresh Brothers who offer gluten free pizza base with vegan cheese!!! Incredible  😀

The sun shined EVERYDAY and the vibe was just super relaxed. Everyone walking around with a Jamba Juice in hand and a yoga mat. I could really imagine myself fitting in really well! 😀

My Santa Monica apartment from Airbnb

Those bike rides along the beach <3

Venice beach skaters


I loved walking up along the beach. There were so many entertainers, artists and many interesting characters.

Back in the day it wasn’t easy to find dairy free ice cream! This was a very happy day.


On the hop & off bus taking in all the major sights in LA.
Chinese Theatre

That HOLLYWOOD sign <3


At a certain point we had the bus to ourselves!

How does he do it? There is nothing touching the floor!!!



Did you guys enjoy Santa Monica? Where did you stay? What was your favourite thing about your trip? I did connect my trip to Santa MOnica with San Francisco. Did you see my post? If you missed it check it out here.