After an 11 hour flight having watched 4 films back to back I arrive at San Francisco airport tired yet super excited to have finally arrived. Going through my pictures brings my heart back to this amazing place! It was so overwhelming on how friendly, chilled out and polite everyone was. Again I used Airbnb to find my perfect apartment and we stayed in a real gem. Slap bang in the centre of everything, 5 min to downtown, 2 blocks to Polk street we could not have asked for more. Yassine’s studio apartment was awesome and when I return (because I definitely will) I would definitely stay there again

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Lets get going…………

San Francisco apartment view

Airbnb San francisco apartment
View from my apartment in San Francisco





Over the 4 days I spent here we took the liberty of walking absolutely everywhere which by the end of the 3rd day I have to say those hills felt like we were climbing the pyramids of Egypt!! For those who know I now cant eat gluten or dairy as it makes me sick and I worry about eating out ALOT,  BUT San Fran had so many amazing places to eat and offered alternatives in many places! To name a few we went to Sanraku,  which was a lovely Japanese restaurant located conveniently on the same road as our apartment, Scoma in Fishermans Wharf for awesome fresh fish and Roam which offered the most amazing Veggie burger on a gluten free bun with sweet potato fries! It was so good we went twice! YUM (Sweet potato fries are not half as nice here!)

seals at p ier 39
Went to visit those famous seals at pier 39



That beetroot burger <3






I have to say as awesome as San Francisco is I did notice the amount of homeless people wondering the streets. For anyone who is thinking about going, even though there were some right characters at times I never felt scared or in danger at any point.

So there’s my first adventure up! I hope you enjoyed the trip and stick around until the next time.