For the last 4 years or so I have wanted to go to Marrakesh, The Red City so badly but for one reason or another it just never seemed to manifest into reality.

When it worked out that mine and my friend Sonja’s days off crossed over at the same time it just seemed too good of a chance to miss and not take this chance to go away together. So, off I went on Expedia and found a bargain of a deal, £250 for flights AND accommodation for 3 nights at a really beautiful Riad Palais Calipau. I was finally going to Marrakesh so I had to make sure that we got to see absolutely everything so it was my goal to try and maximise our time while we were there.

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So the plan was as we arrived on Friday early morning we would spend 2 full days in Marrakesh and one outside of the city with a private driver and organised tour on the last day. We saw all the usual sites Jemaa El-Fnaa, Majorelle Garden, Koutoubia Mosque, El Badi Palace and Saadian Tombs. I think that about covers the sites and I must add that we WALKED everywhere! There were times when I thought that my feet might bleed. I even had blisters on the first night on the HEEL of my foot! Like what the hell I never had them there before!



Saadian Tombs.

On arrival it was like being on a different planet in a different year. We were given advice to not carry our backpacks, not to talk to anyone unless we really had too. I have to say it made me all abit too paranoid. I found it hard to walk away from people when they would talk to me. It is not really in my nature to walk away from someone who is talking to me or not answer someone back. I really did feel a bit rude.

I found that most people were very helpful and only trying to be kind. When I look back there were people telling us to walk on the right side of the street as we were walking against the traffic and we might find it easier. People were very kind to stop and help point us in the right direction. I did however try to keep my head covered as it did make a difference. People (men) did not hassle us as much.


Walking around the streets of Marrakesh was a photographers dream! So many things to photograph.



My favourite topic as anyone who knows me is FOOD! Marrakesh has some pretty bad ass food and everything I ate was out of this world delicious. Looking for a restaurant I would most definitely recommend Al Fassia. I know me and Sonja will forever dream of their home made Moroccan biscuits. Oh have mercy! This place also only hires women which I think is great.




Me and those disposable knickers!

So after all the walking in two days we decided that we would have a traditional Hammam which was a must do on my list.For our Hammam we went to Hammam de la Rose. I have never had a Hammam before and neither of us had any idea of what to expect. So to start with as soon as we open our lockers we are greeted by the most ugliest disposable knickers I have ever seen. I was not entirely sure what exactly it was meant to cover.

So as soon as we get undressed and put on our unflattering knickers we both get taken up to the Hammam and at the entrance we are instructed to ‘Now take off your robes’.

I know I booked for two Hammams but I didn’t expect us to do it together. So off we go practically naked sitting next to each other while this lovely lady is scrubbing down my breasts and all and then moving over to Sonja. The awkward Brits that we are we filled the room with nervous laughter and we made a pact to only keep our eyes UP to eye level ONLY! We totally bonded on a whole new level. lol

My skin and hair felt soo soft it was the perfect way to end the day.



El Badi Palace.


Majorelle Garden. Go early to avoid the crowds!



I was totally looking forward to our day trip outside of Marrakesh and I booked with Desert Majesty for a private tour to the High Atlas, Telouet and Ait Ben Haddou. I was pleasantly surprised by the landscape in Morocco and had we not of known where we were it easily could have been in Colorado, USA. It made a great change of not walking miles each day and I really enjoyed watching out the window as it was such a scenic drive and I got to take so many pictures it was heaven.

Views from the High Atlas Mountains were breathtaking!



Telouet was beautiful was would not miss it!

Our amazing guide

View from Ait Benhaddou which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will all know this place as many movies have been shot here IE Gladiators and The Mummy.

During the day you do stop for lunch for an hour or so which is included within the tour. I had the Berber Tagine which was delicious.

Anyone looking to go to Marrakesh my advise to you is … GO …. DO IT!… Its an experience you will never forget and will open your eyes to a whole other world!. We were two female travellers and I did not at any time not feel safe. I will soon write a top tip post for anyone going solo so keep your eyes open for that.

Just to sum up the post.

Places I visited were:

Day Trip:

  • Booked private tour with Desert Majesty
  • High Atlas Mountains
  • Telouet
  • Ait Benhaddou



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