1.Introduce yourself.. what’s your story?

My name is Inge van Berlo. I am 33 years old. In July I quitted my job after 11 years working and i broke up with my boyfriend in may. I really wanted the experience to work and live abroad for a longer period of time ( since 2007 it became my goal) so I started in September in Thailand ( after 10 years dreaming and saving money).

I chose Thailand because I love the country, the culture, the food and it’s a cheap place to stay for a longer period of time. You can rent here a really nice apartment for 240 euro a month. In the meanwhile I am travelling alone. In November I went to Cambodia, in January I will go to Malaysia, February Vietnam and in March to Japan ( and maybe China).

2.Where have you travelled to alone?
To South America, Asia and Europe. I started with travelling alone when I was 23 years old. In the beginning I was a little bit scared but later I really enjoyed. It’s about letting things go. Sometimes people try to hard to make friends at their trip. To be in control…… not to be alone….. but your are never alone.

3.Do you prefer to travel alone or with someone?
Alone, you can do whatever you want. And you can decide where you wanna4. go and take the time. When you are travelling, you always meet new people where you can spend time with.

4.Where’s your favourite place so far and why?
Peru, Machu Pichu. In the morning I arrived early ( 5.o clock)….. it was cloudy, spooky. A ghost city in the jungle. In the afternoon their was a beautiful sunset. It was an extraordinary experience, a spiritual sensation. At the end I met a guy from Mexico. He is a really rational guy…… he was blown away…… never had that strange sensation, feeling in his life.

5.What are your top 5 must have items for travelling?
Not much: some clothes, medicine against diarea ( charcoal),  ORS ( medicine again dehydration), mosquito spray O yeah… always bring tampons when you have a period as in many country’s they don’t sell it.

6.What does travelling mean to you??
I told my mother once: when I don’t travel, I miss a part of my leg…… travelling is a part of my life. When I cannot travel, I will be really sad, maybe depressed.

7.Have you had any bad experiences on the road? Tell me what happened.
In Peru I got stuck in the mountains for 2,5 hours ( at 3000meter). The brake of the bus was broken and their was no help. I was there with many locals. I didn’t brought water and food. A Peruvian teacher, an older woman, helped me. She gave me water, coca leaves ( for sickness of height), and food. It was at the end a beautiful experience.

8.Whats the craziest or funniest thing that’s ever happened on your travels?
That I met a Sjaman when i got stuck in the mountains. He gave me his silver bracelet. His wife died. To honor his wife he wore silver jewelery ( on his head, arm, neck, on his fingers I could see 8 silver rings). The silver bracelet was a present for me, to bless me. I also wore a bracelet with a black stone. He asked me to gave it to his daughter.  He told me to help people in the future. That I was an open spirit and soul. He wanted me to wear the bracelet for good luck…….. so I putted the bracelet on my ankle ( because it was to big form my arm) and it’s still there. I never put it off. “It’s like a tattoo for me”.

9.What are the downsides to you for travelling alone?
There are no downsides. Even when you are sick….. you always get help from people around you.

10.Favourite travel apps and blogs that you use or follow ?
At this moment I have my own website ( my blog in english and dutch) where I share my experiences as a coach and traveller ( . I interview people over whole the world about stress and their solutions. An other important thing is instagram. I post daily on instagram video’s and photo’s about my life in Thailand

11.What message or advice would u like to share to the peeps out there thinking about travelling solo?
Just do it. It really helps you building up your confidence. It helps you to cope with fears and strange situations, Everyday is different.

12.What are your 3 favourite pictures you’ve taken on your travels so far. Explain why they are and where they were taken.

Ko Samui: Sunset Bophut beach ‘fisher man’s village’. This part of the beach only locals came there to swim. At the end of the day it was so calm and quiet. I went there after work to calm my head. Love the sky.

Cambodia: Angkor wat at 11 o clock in the morning. I found a nice spot. All the tourists were there in the temple. I was there all alone. I was lucky because two monks were passing by so I could make this beautiful shot.

Chiang Mai: I love the monks at the streets from Chiang Mai. There are so many beautiful temples. I made this picture in the morning. When I went to work. It was quiet on the streets.

13.Can we follow your adventure on social media? Where can we find you?

Yes of course. Happy when you follow me.
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