Monte Carlo was soo pretty but I must say it has to be the most expensive place I have been so far. The pebbled beach was not a highlight as my feet are way too soft for them. It literally feels like each pebble is spearing through the soles of my feet. I have to say that unless there is sand I never really consider it a real beach lol.

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But I must say the water was pristine with the smell of freshly printed money in the air. You can tell that this is the place where the rich come to play and to be honest I am glad it was only a weekend because the money literally flew out of my wallet.



We came into Monte Carlo from Turin by train. It was a total eye opener to see how many people were trying to smuggle in over the border from Italy to France. Totally crazy and what a way to live.


Lucky for us we was visiting a friend and he was so nice for letting us stay with him for the weekend. He had such a lovely place with a stunning view of the sea. Life could not be better.

A lovely sea view from my friends balcony.





As our little treat to end our awesome weekend we went jet sking which was the most exhilarating thing I have ever done. I felt so alive it was amazing.

Another highlight was Nikki beach where all the mega rich and beautiful people go. I was there for a particular party and was a lot of fun. There did seems a lot of super young ‘kids’ floating about flashing ‘daddies’ money. I am not sure if they were even old enough to drink but was all part of the experience I suppose. A totally different reality to my own and all so quite pretentious but hat the hell.