I am going to share some of my experiences, my favourite places to eat, where I stayed and general tips.
So my official solo trip started on the 4th October 2017 and it all began taking a flight with Thai Airlines to Bangkok. My flight was relatively cheap at £350 one way and direct.

So, I spent my week at a Hostel called VM1 Hostel which is located around a 5 minute walk to the BTS line station Sanam Pao.
I wanted to start off my first week slowly and it was also the perfect way to get over jet lag.

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VM1 Hostel.

I really loved this hostel. It had a great open space living and working space downstairs and wifi worked relatively well. They also had tables and chairs outside which was lovely if you could handle the scorching sun. The only thing that I couldn’t handle was the dam AC! Maybe it is just me but I was constantly cold! Thank god I packed by hoodie because this SAVED my life on several occasions from frost bite I was that cold. lol

Breakfast was also included however being gluten and dairy intolerant I couldn’t really have anything from the breakfast table BUT they did also offer a hot breakfast where they would cook eggs most days but also I had mince beef and rice which was also like a soup. This might not be your cup of tea for breakfast BUT it was really yummy.

Might not look like much but was really yummy.

The lady who also owns the place even made me Pad Thai one night as I said I was craving some and really wanted a good one. Soo cute.



The location of this Hostel wasn’t really central or touristy which to be honest is what I was looking for. For me going Kho San Road and getting wasted was my idea of hell and honestly I never actually went there. The Hostel seemed to be really surrounded with locals and had a lot of street food just outside with also a food centre around the corner which offered a great selection of food on the cheap.

OH and my highlight was the sticky rice and Mango from the lady literally opposite the hostel for 60baht. I was ADDICTED to this stuff and after the first tasting I made sure I had it once a day.

In the food centre there is also a girl who offers fresh veggie and fruit juice for 60baht but quite often I would get my coconut smoothie where I would ask for no sugar or milk. It was literally coconut water and coconut meat all for 25baht (60p).

Little Jam session by Joey
The win – win game of Jenga with Mathieu and picture taken by Arpan.




This hostel was really clean. I was really impressed with the showers and overall cleanliness BUT I don’t know how often housekeeping changed the sheets. I did see sometimes while I was on my top bunk that they would just make the beds instead of changing the sheets when people left. I had a stain on my sheets and asked for them to change it which they did happily. But when I asked the girl at reception how often they change sheets she said as I was there for 1 week they would change my sheets in 2-3 days but it was never done. At the end of the day it’s a great hostel but if you doubt the cleanliness of your sheets just ask then to change them.

Street Food:

The choice of street food is overwhelming and prices are just so cheap which is perfect for backpackers watching their pennies. Obviously be careful where you buy from and look that it is clean and its always a good sign if there is locals queuing.  Here is a few pictures of food I bought from the street and cost me next to nothing.

Mango and Sticky Rice <3
Veggie Noodle Soup






Most people would say spending a week in Bangkok is too much but I honestly loved Bangkok. I didn’t do so many touristy things but I walked around the local area, visited markets, joined a fitness studio which offered Spin, Boxing and Yoga classes and I explored places to eat.

Food/ Places to eat:

As I am gluten and dairy intolerant sometimes finding food that I could eat was difficult. Breakfast was especially tricky as I didn’t always want to have rice or noodles so early in the morning.

Bangkok really has an epic mix of places to eat for all budgets.
Here is a list of my favourite places:

  • May Veggie Home.
  • Not just another Cup.
  • Food hall near Hostel.
  • Box Box Health Food Store.
  • Dressed.
  • Tops Market/ Terminal 21 Food Hall

If you want to read more about these places I have listed above I have written a separate post called ‘My favourite places to eat in Bangkok’ which you can read here. If you need some persuading here are some food pics.



Things I did to pass the time:

  • Jim Thompson House
    This was the first place I visited as I met up with another Francesca who I met through ‘Travelling South East Asia Solo’ which is a group on Facebook. This wasn’t really a place I had planned to visit but was interesting and enjoyed the tour non the less.
  • Wat Pho/ Temples.
    Visiting the temples was definitely the one thing I had to do before I left Bangkok. I took the BTS and MRT to Hua Lamphong and then walked all the way to Wat Pho as I really wanted to walk through China Town. I did this early in the morning and I swear even though it was early I was sweating bucket loads.

Unfortunately I only got to visit Wat Pho as due to the anniversary of the Kings death The Grand Palace was closed. However Wat Pho really did not disappoint

Monk outside Wat Pho
Buddha’s inside Wat Po











I did visit Chatuchak Market during the day and also JJ Green in the evening. These markets are huge and have so many things to buy from food, souvenirs, clothes, shoes and not to forget the famous insects. This market is the largest in Thailand and really worth a visit.



  • OMMO Fitness Studio.
    I joined this fitness studio for a week as they offer unlimited classes over the 7 days. I really really liked this place and if anyone is looking to exercise while they travel I would highly recommend this place They offer spin which I personally don’t like but there is also Boxing and Yoga classes which I DID. The people who go are nice and the staff in general are great. The girl at reception was so lovely and gave me recommendations on places to eat. If you are looking for something to eat near the studio. When you get to the main street from the studio turn left, an then keep your eye open for a court yards where there is lots of street food.

The studio offer a week membership for 900baht (at the time of writing this blog October 2017) which I thought was a reasonable price.

Tips for Bangkok:

  1. When flying into Thailand make sure you have proof on an onward journey as by law if you get asked at check in you could be denied boarding if you cant prove of when you fly out.
  2. I have heard is a good place to hire a flight ticket.
  3. On arrival at the airport buy a local sim card so you have data. This is ideal if you plan of staying for a longer period of time and if you don’t want to rely on wifi.
  4. Go out and try the local street food. Your in Bangkok and its great because is accommodates every budget. But do go out and try the street food. As long are you use your common sense and see that is it clean go for it!
  5. Thai’s add sugar to everything. If you are buying juice you can always ask them to not add any sugar.
  6. Bear in mind that in most places and I mean restaurants the price they advertised for each dish is then increased by a 15% tax and service charge right at the end. So just remember to consider that if your budgeting.
  7. For booking cheap flights I used Skyscanner and for Hotels and Hostels Agoda.

If your going to be travelling alone join some travel groups on Facebook. I have joined groups like:

  • Girls Love Travel
  • Backpacking South East Asia Alone
  • South East Asia Backpacking

These groups are great if you want to find a travel buddy or even if you just want to ask for tips, recommendations or advise. People are really responsive and happy to meet up.

Finally see below more of my travel pictures taken on my beloved Canon <3





So, tell me guys did you like Bangkok? What was your highlight? Don’t forget you can also follow me on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM for updates.