It was a dream come true when I finally got to shoot a wedding in Siena Tuscany!

Obviously I added a few extra days to really make the most of my time there and I stayed at Borgo Sicelle which is located in Castellina in Chianti. Franco who runs the place with his family was super nice and really helpful! Man has patience especially with all my emails and questions. Oh and I have to mention right outside our door step was a beautiful restaurant called Uscio E Bottega Sicelle. They didnt have a menu as everything is fresh so they tell you what they have for the day and at night they switch on the fairy lights which makes it look so magical….I WILL be back! I still dream about that meat. Oh and for all you gluten free dairy free eaters. It was great to see how much they had to offer in the supermarket.

Considering how much of a nervous driver I am I was pleasantly surprised by how the drive in Tuscany was soo nice and relaxing. Again, I shouldn’t even need to say it but the FOOD!… OH THE FOOD …. was amazing and for all you meat eaters out there there is no beating that Tuscan meat! Wild Boar Ragu??… Oh my lord!

The landscapes in Tuscany are unbeatable and is seriously criminal to not take a few minutes to just stop, reflect and take that view in! It was really hard to not imagine living out in the beautiful countryside with my two dogs running a quaint little B&B… no I have not thought about it … that much lol

My only regret was time, and the lack of it. I feel like I barely skimmed the surface and I will for sure go back with a lot more time to spare. The next time I will go and visit the natural springs which was my number one thing to do but I didn’t realise it was like a 4 hour drive away… and that’s what google says, so i’d say add another two for me.

Oh, 3 months later I got a little surprise through the post. A nice juicy speeding ticket…. apparently I have a heavy foot when I drive. LMAO.

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