I really researched a lot before I decided to book my trek. Read blog after blog, review after review and in the end I decided to book with Eversmile. I decided I wanted to do the 3 day trek from Kalaw – Inle Lake and as challenging as it was at moments I do not regret a single minute of doing it.

A lot of people have asked me about my experience doing my trek in Myanmar and if I would recommend it. The bottom line is I most definitely would. I wasn’t prepared AT ALL doing this trek and I needed to buy some hiking boots from the market in Kalaw which would cost me 400Kyat (£2.80). Total bargin and at the same time I bought a plastic poncho.

So when I arrived in Kalaw I headed straight to the Eversmile office to book my spot for the next day. The great thing about all of the treks is that they take your main backpack and arrange for it to be delivered to your hostel. So all you need to do is organise your day backpack and take only the things you will need for the 3 days that you will trek. BUT do take the absolute minimum because you will have to carry it all for 3 days.

Ok, so on the trek we walked about 25km each day and I already messed up as my socks were NOT thick enough therefore I had blisters on my feet from day one! LOL. By day 3 I could no longer talk to anyone as I literally had to breathe through the pain just to get to the end!

There were a few challenging moments especially areas where there was LOTS of mud and it didn’t make it easy also being the end of the rainy season so it was very muddy is certain areas. The uphill moments were also pretty hard.

Thankfully our guide Jason gave all of us long bamboo sticks which helped us with balance and no one fell in the pits of mud. The landscapes and scenery where really mind blowing and the food at the homestays were seriously the best food I had in Myanmar. There is not too much that I can say apart from it is an opportunity of a lifetime. Yes, its challenging in areas but go better prepared then I was  and you will absolutely love the experience. On the last day I actually even saw the Milky Way for first time in my life… what an unforgettable experience it was. How beautiful it was and how in awe I felt to be in the presence of something so huge and beautiful. I even felt my eyes fill with tears, like how tiny we are in the galaxy just completely blows my mind.

Funny story:

So, on our last night when we arrived at our homestay I was absolutely dying for a shower. The showers are really basic and this one is outside with a make shift bamboo wall to protect your modesty (even though there were gaps all the way around) and should there be someone close enough I am sure they would see ALL of you. The door was basically bamboo sticks bound together and then you had to lift it up and place it over the space which you call the door. (I will add a picture below) lol.

The shower is the bamboo assemble on the right 😀

So, there I am butt naked in my flip flops with my bucket and cold water rinsing off the dirt, mud and sweat. When it comes to get dressed I try to balance on my flip flops lifting up one foot and carefully placing one foot into my hippy pants successfully trying to not touch the floor (or anything in fact). Then, OPS… I begin to wobble… crap. I try to balance on the ‘wall’ but I soon realise that ‘wall’ was not made to take any weight at all and before I knew it the ‘door’ falls down and I think I am going to fall flat on the floor taking the entire thing with me.

Tips for Trekking Kalaw – Inle Lake:

  • Take THICK socks
  • Take plasters
  • Take EVERYTHING that is on the list that Eversmile recommend you to bring
  • Take a camera. Yes, its extra weight but those views are stunning.
  • Don’t carry to much. I literally brought the absolute minimum and after walking all day my empty backpack seemed to weigh like a sack of potatoes.
  • When taking pictures of the locals be respectful and ask for permission. Don’t be as ass and stick your camera in someone’s face thinking that’s cool. It isn’t.

Enough of the blabbering. Let’s let the pictures do the talking.


Tea break







The milky way

I hope the pictures were enough to persuade you to just book the trek and go!

Did you book and try a trek in Myanmar? Who did you book with? Did you enjoy it? Leave your comments below.


  1. Michelle

    Wow to all of your photos! I have seen many photos from friends that have gone but no I know has done this hike and I really want to go now! Your story sounds like something you see on TV, super cute 🙂

    1. Vive that Vida

      aw thank you so much. YES go it will be something you will remember forever <3

  2. Rachel

    Cool post! I shall take on board these pointers when I eventually end up going myself. The bamboo shower toilet scenario just added to the experience I bet!

    1. Vive that Vida

      Yes the shower scenario was at least something I wont forget lol.

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