For those who know me Sicily is my must go to destination. Every year without fail I go to Sicily to spend time with my family and my friends. I visited a few new places but what took my breath away was the little town of Erice.

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Perched on a hill at 750m above sea level overlooking the town of Trapani is where the historic town of Erice can be found!

Parking is a massive pain and let me tell you make sure you bring SOMETHING WARM! Obviously with it being so high up shorts and a t shirt just wont cut it! Learn from my mistake 😀

On route to Erice it goes without saying a good play list for the road is always needed!!

The landscape alone on the drive towards Erice is beautiful alone. I made sure I took some pictures while we was on the move.


When you finally do find parking the charm of this small town will suck you in with its old cobbled streets and small shops selling authentic goods.

We arrived at the perfect time. Just in time for sunset. The perfect time for a beautiful landscape capture. <3

Trapani from way up high!!!

A day trip to Erice is well worth it. Spend a few hours walking around the maze of small streets and if you can get their for sunset get a stunning picture over looking nearby Trapani.

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