I have always admired the Greek islands and it is still a dream of mine to island hop and visit them all. I had decided as a little treat as a belated birthday present to myself to take a few days off and visit the island of Mykonos, Greece.

The first week of October sounded perfect. A week after my 30th birthday celebrations, kids back at school, off peak and hopefully I will still have some warm sunny days.

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Once I was reading a feature on Mykonos in the Conde Nast and I have to say after I saw The Belvedere Hotel I decided that if and when I go that will be where I stay. So while I was streaming through Expedia I realised October was an absolute bargain. You really got a lot more for your money that’s for sure.

Walking through the small town centre of Mykonos, with its freshly painted white walls and floors I realised one important thing!!! …. Dam it, I had forgotten something very important. ….. my sunglasses!

Light just seemed to bounce off every surface and thought it was funny how the Manfred Mann’s Earth Band’s song ‘Blinded by the light’ came to mind . We spent our days walking through the town, going to the gym and eating lots of food. I can only hope my pictures give the place justice to showcase how beautiful it really is. Oh how I miss those white walls, blue window frames and the blue/ turquoise waters. Oh how could I also forget the thousands of stray cats!


It was really nice to be able to walk around and you know, see some of the famous tourist stuff like the windmills. That being said going at off peak season was perfect as there was never herds of 50 plus people taking their ‘been there done that’ selfie.




The sunsets were pretty epic against all the white washed houses.




Cats…… cats…..


and more cats……………………





I also went to visit the Archaeological Museum where it feature sculptures, vases, pieces of furniture among other things. I just love museums.