Living in London I find I need to get away even for a few days just to escape the hustle and bustle and gain a bit of mental clarity.

This would be the very first time I would have visited my island in the spring and beautiful it certainly was. Weather wise….Grey and cloudy. So not exactly the spring sunshine I was hoping for but a sense of quiet and calmness of the island is beautiful. Quiet streets which made driving enjoyable even for a fear of driving freak like me. Taking in the beauty of all the lush greenness surrounding me I had to remind myself to keep my eyes on the road!! lol

Wild flowers and the never ending green fields which made a difference to all the dry dead fields I am used to seeing in the summer. I have added a few pictures taken in Palermo which was nice but i think I could have done with a better guide. LOL 😉

Going to Sicily was one of my favourite things to do with my dad before he past away. This is an old post and it makes me think and remember of our little trips.

It does make me sad but I suppose I am lucky that I have a place to go back to with such happy memories.  I remember taking this picture of my dad. ‘Wait, Papa dont move! Just look straight ahead’. Hahaha what a champ. How I miss him <3

A few shots of Palermo.


What I loved most during this trip was visiting the ruins of Poggioreale. Poggioreale is one of the ghost towns in the Belice Valley which was totally destroyed by the 1968 earthquake. The current town was re built a few kilometres below which leaves the ruin completely isolated which makes it one of a kind, especially the view driving up.

So, me and one of my friends take the drive up and unfortunately when we arrive the gate to the ruins were locked. So what did we do? We turned around and went home….. mmmm YEA RIGHT. I was definitely not going to let a closed gate stop me, so the adventure begun by jumping the fence.

Here is a picture of what the view above looked like back in the early days… i think this is amazing.

From the minute my feet hit the ground I felt like I had jumped back into time. A time where this was a place where people lived. People walked this path that I was walking and could not believe how in a single moment peoples lives as they knew it literally crumbled to the ground. The atmosphere was eerie but there was a strange sense of peace like we were the sole survivors of an apocalypse.


Certain paths were blocked by fallen walls and bricks and others by over grown shrubs and bushes. Considering health and safety I am sure it was not the safest thing I have ever done especially with all the scaffolding surrounding us just to keep certain buildings stable. Id be lying if I didn’t think every now and then that at any moment anyone of these walls could fall by my feet but all I could think about was… wouldn’t this make an awesome picture!


Poggioreale isnt the only ghost town in the valley. There is also Gibellina, Montevago and Santa Marghertia which has small sections of the ruins. But I must say Poggioreale really does leave a lasting impression.